Our Story


The Symbolism of the Bee

Bees inspired us to create jewelry that is both meaningful and beautiful. It is said that aerodynamically bees should not be able to fly, but do so by flapping their wings fast enough to carry the weight of their bodies.  They create the impossible, and we believe so can you.  Within nature bees create life, yet they are endangered.  Sometimes in life so are we.  Bee the one to rise up against adversity - Just Bee! 

Founder Sally Waite

As Founder of Sally Jane, Sally Waite drives the creative design and inspirational direction behind what has become her very personal message.  In the midst of preparing to launch Sally Jane in 2013, at the age of 31 and 7 months pregnant with her first child, Sally was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and told she had on average 2 years left to live.  Over the next 2 years as she underwent aggressive treatment and several surgeries, so much of what a new mom takes for granted was taken from Sally but she never gave in and she never allowed her son to experience anything but positive energy and love. 

She promised herself that if she got through it, she would be the best Mom she could be and she would fulfill her dream of launching Sally Jane. Although Sally has recently faced a set back, thanks to many incredible people, she is still on the path to being cancer free and enjoying her days with her healthy and beautiful son Sam.

She now views the bee as a symbol of the strength we all have inside ourselves to get through our darkest days. 

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