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Leaders of the United Front Work Department of Huangpu District Committee of Guangzhou went to our company for investigation and guidance

Add Time:2020/8/28 11:07:05

 On the afternoon of August 27, 2020, Li Guangning and Yang piaoyang, deputy heads of the United Front Work Department of the Huangpu District Committee of Guangzhou, and a delegation of four people came to our company to investigate and guide the work. General manager Zhao of our company reported the current production and operation of our company to the leaders of the United Front Work Department. Although the epidemic situation has a great impact on our export this year, our company has gone against the trend in the domestic market this year, and has completed the whole project by the end of August 85% of the annual production and sales task. It is expected that the company will complete the production and sales target set at the beginning of the year three months in advance by the end of September. Minister Li fully affirmed the achievements made by our company, especially for our company's continuous development and innovation on the premise of independent innovation. The company's main product technical index parameters have been in the leading level of the same industry in the world At the same time, it points out the direction of our company's production and operation.

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