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The company convened a summing up of the 2017 annual work

Add Time:2018/1/22 11:21:45

  In January 19, 2018 the company held 2017 annual review meeting, by the first meeting of the general manager of the company as the company's 2017 annual comprehensive summary of the work, the company in 2017 full completion of the mission objectives set at the beginning of the year, part of the company's products in the same industry first shipments, shipments of foreign markets are increasing, the annual product quality qualified rate is 100%, no any product quality complaints, the power industry market has made a major breakthrough.In 2017, the company won 7 national patents, 12 computer software copyright certificates, and 3 products were awarded the high and new technology products of Guangdong province. In 2017, the company participated in the first China Innovation Conference. It participated in the ninth technology expert competition of Guangzhou Development Zone and the exhibition of excellent skilled talents and technological innovation in Guangzhou development zone. The technical director of the company was evaluated as a direct current power technology expert.Then the company financial vice president, technical director, marketing manager, development manager, technical manager, director of the center for technical support departments respectively do the work summary, the meeting also on the 2017 annual award for outstanding employees, dedicated staff and 2017 company of the year post technical staff can match winning recognition and reward, after the meeting company staff dinner, sweepstakes dining at the same time, when the first tablet computer out when the whole scene of the atmosphere to the climax, plus a few games of competition, we are immersed in a sea of joy.

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