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Our company has signed a cooperation agreement with the Guangdong Institute of electronics and electrical appliances

Add Time:2018/4/19 17:49:39

The afternoon of June 23, 2017 in Guangzhou Science City, my company and the Guangdong Province Electronic Research Institute held a cooperation agreement signing ceremony, my company and the Guangdong Provincial Academy of Sciences subordinate units before Guangdong Province Institute of electrical and electronic cooperation has been launched from the national electronic information products supervision and inspection letter of October 2015 (the Institute) annual meeting, December 2015 Guangdong Province Academy of industrial technology innovation alliance matchmaking and technological achievements, and then is the November 2016 Shenzhen fair, both sides have maintained cooperation, and achieved many results, the two sides to carry out scientific research projects in the butt in the wildly beating gongs and drums, the signing of the agreement the two sides of the responsibility more clearly, this is guaranteed the interests of both sides, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of both R & D personnel, the signing ceremony of the Guangdong Academy of Sciences and Guangdong Province Attaches great importance to science and technology workers Service Center Director Liao Shiming, vice president of Guangdong province Li Dingqiang Academy of Sciences and the Guangdong provincial science and technology workers Service Center at the signing ceremony and delivered an important speech, the next step of our company will be in strict accordance with the instructions of the leadership, in strict compliance with the contents of the agreement signed by both parties, to come up with more high technology content. And has good economic and social benefits of scientific research.

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