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DC Monitoring and Maintenance

Yw-s360 DC system instantaneous ground fault recorder


1. It can monitor the insulation condition of DC system in real time and record the branches with instantaneous ground fault;

2. Record the waveform of voltage to ground and leakage current of fault branch in case of fault, and identify the direction of fault point automatically;

3. It can be used to compare the waveform of system to ground voltage and fault branch leakage current on the device.

Technical index:

Applicable DC system voltage level:48V,110V,220V or Customized;

Measurement range of bus voltage to ground:0-300V,

Instantaneous grounding monitoringLeakage current100uAground-time:≥50ms;

Number of monitoring circuits14

The instantaneous earth fault threshold and the multiple occurrence of earth fault in the same time period can be set as one time;

The device records at least 2000 pieces of data and supports USB data export

Find out that there is no power failure or wire failure during instantaneous grounding, which has no impact on the system;

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