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DC Monitoring and Maintenance

YW-C100 Testing AC fleeing into DC fault and alarm

Functional features

(1) Real time monitoring AC and DC voltage of the system.

(2) Function of Alarm threshold setting.

(3) Alarm history data storage and viewing.

(4) Function of AC voltage waveform display.

(5) Function of voice and light alarm and Passive contact output alarm.

(6) Function of data up.

Main Specifications

(1) DC voltage measurement range:0300V,

(2) AC voltage measurement range:0300V,

(3) LCD resolution:320*240,LCD size:2.8 inch TFT

(4) Number of data stores:1000.

(5) Passive contact:DC220V/2A.

(6) Data upload interfaceRS232/RS485

(7) Communication protocolModbus and CDT.

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